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  • Coseeker is an online platform that aims to provide customers and dealers throughout South Africa with the ideal platform to let their voices be heard.
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GAUTENG, South Africa, 09 March 2020. I’m sure we’ve all been there, we’ve either had a fantastic experience at a dealership or we’ve had to go through something that drove us up the wall. Until now, there has been no dedicated platform for customers to let their opinions be heard; to warn other customers before purchasing or servicing their vehicle; or to encourage customers to go somewhere where they have had a memorable experience.

On the flip side of the coin, there has been no dedicated platform for dealers to address client concerns, or to thank clients for their continued support. Many of these complaints and compliments are left unheard making it difficult for dealers to accurately gain a true understanding of their level of customer satisfaction.

For many of us out there, when looking to purchase a new vehicle or service and existing one, we simply go to the dealer nearest to us, and that’s that. We often do not think of whether that is indeed the best dealership to be going to and assume that all dealers of the same brand offer a similar service, when in reality that is far from the truth.

Today, online reviews are something potential customers have come to expect and offer dealerships more opportunities to influence decisions.

For users looking to review a dealership, is simple, intuitive, and best of all, free! Simply visit and search for the dealership you’re looking for by name, manufacturer name, or by area. You can then share your experience, rate the dealership on several key areas, and upload a photo (optional); it’s as simple as that. Once your review is live, it can be seen by all other users on the platform, this in turn allows other users to better gauge whether or not they should use that dealer based on the overall experience of others.

Every review written on is written by a real person, with a real-life experience. Every review that is listed on the forum, is screened for legitimacy, ensuring that every review is accurate. We believe that transparency is crucial to the success of the industry and to improve customer experience overall. We therefore encourage any dealership customer who has had a car buying or service experience to share their dealer review in our forum.

For dealers

Online reviews are the new word of mouth. Positive reviews have a profound impact on your dealership, enabling you to create sales leads far quicker than any conversation ever could. Using these reviews effectively allows you to improve both sales and customer retention.

Both positive and negative reviews are vital in establishing trust with both existing and potential customers. Showcasing both positive and negative aspects of your customer’s experience provides more creditability proves to customers just why they should use you.

Negative reviews provide you with the opportunity to show customers how you are able to handle experiences that may not be up to the acceptable standard. It also provides you with insights into potential customer pain points that need to be addressed within both the sales and services experiences. Dealers that are not only able to generate positive reviews, but are also able to react effectively and efficiently to negative reviews, are ultimately the dealerships that have the highest growth potential.

Our easy-to-use dashboard, collates all reviews for your dealership on one page and provides you with the ability to quickly and easily get notified of any new reviews and allows to you respond as efficiently as possible. It also provides you with statistics such as customer demographics (age, gender, location, etc.), the number of reviews posted, your average rating, and much more. This type of information proves invaluable when crafting potential sales and marketing strategies and has a profound effect on the effectiveness of those strategies.


"It is not often that I promote anything on my website, but when I come across something that I believe is fantastic, well, I am only too happy to share it. Coseeker is a website that I think South Africa has needed for a very long time." - Juliet McGuire - Motoring Journalist, Presenter


Because is designed from the ground up as a dedicated dealership review platform, it allows users to easily search and compare dealerships in one central location. It also provides dealers with the ideal platform from which to manage their reputation.





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