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Alfa Romeo Racing Welcomes Mick - 5 Apr 19

Welcome to Alfa Romeo Racing, Mick!

*Herzlich willkommen, Mick!*

Mick Schumacher took over the cockpit of the Alfa Romeo Racing C38 today, completing a successful testing session at the Bahrain International Circuit. Alfa Romeo Racing focused on aerodynamic tests in the morning, followed by tyre tests across three different compounds (C3, C4, C5). The German driver demonstrated his dedication and skill, impressing the team throughout their first collaboration.

Alfa Romeo Racing will follow up on the progress made over the past two days in Bahrain and set out to prepare for the upcoming Grand Prix in China.

Mick Schumacher (car number 36):

„It has been another beautiful day at an F1 track today, and I can only repeat myself as it is just so much fun to drive these cars. After the first experience I had yesterday I tried to implement what I learned into today’s laps, and I am happy about how it worked. It has been very nice working with the team at Alfa Romeo Racing, gaining confidence with the car and improving steadily. I will definitely fly back with some very beautiful memories and am looking forward to getting myself back into the preparations for the next F2 race in Baku.”

Circuit: Bahrain International Circuit / 5.412 km

Driver: Mick Schumacher

Weather: sunny/cloudy and dry; air 24-31°C, track 27-47°C

Chassis / engine: Alfa Romeo Racing C38 - 03 / Ferrari

Laps: 70 laps, 378.840 km

Fastest lap: 1:29.998 (C5)



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    05 Apr 2019
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