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Load Shedding - 11 Dec 18

As Load Shedding Sweeps the Nation, Generators Keep the Lights On at Tiger Wheel & Tyre

The scourge of load shedding is back, and as the lights go out at households and businesses across the nation, motorists are reminded that it’s business as usual at most Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores, where generators are picking up the slack. That’s good news for vehicle owners who should never delay replacing or repairing wheels or tyres that have become dangerous to drive on.

As traffic lights go out, vehicles come to a standstill and patience runs thin. “Just take a deep breath and be patient and kind to other drivers, who are all in the same boat as you. When load shedding is underway, the simple fact is that nobody’s getting anywhere fast, but if we’re considerate, we can at least all get there alive, eventually,” said Group Marketing Executive, Joe du Plooy.

That’s sound advice, even if it is hard to follow when drivers around you are losing their cool. Perhaps the answer then is to pull over at the nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre and take care of some overdue wheel and tyre maintenance. Don’t need maintenance? Take advantage of a free vehicle safety check or free battery check, even if you’re really only there for the free smiles and good company of people you can trust.

Visit the Store Locator page on Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s website, at www.twt.to, to find out which store near you has a generator. While you’re there, keep browsing to learn more about South Africa’s most trusted wheel and tyre company. You can also shop online and Book-A-Bay to have those products fitted at the store and time of your choosing.



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